Thursday, August 26, 2010

Notre Dame du Pré

GPSies - Aime, Notre dame du Pré, Moutiers, Hautecoeur, Montgirod, AIme

Wednesday 25th August 2010

Great sunny weather has returned so definitely time to go out and generate some vitamin D. Legs were always going to be a bit tired after yesterday's high speed climb, but another 52km and1680m climbing in the bank is all good training. It's worth the climb up to Hautecoeur above Moutiers just for the spectacular view on a clear day like this.


Worked on leg strength again - bigger gears. Leaves the legs hurting by the end of the second climb, but it's certainly faster - especially when pulling up on the pedals too during the climbing. Not sure how I'll come through the race on Saturday with this energy output - might be better to slow down a bit and try to keep the pain reasonable until near the end of the 130 or so kilometers.


Slept poorly last night after the late workout and could not stop myself from breathing through the mouth in the early morning. It seems that doing so during sleep causes the nose to block up and then it is hard to switch back to the nose and reduce breathing volume again. Had no problems during the cycling though. Hopefully that will ensure a rapid recovery so that there will be a good build up of energy over the following two days of rest before Saturday's Pré-Alpes race.

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