Saturday, December 11, 2010

Haluk's Tribe

A brief compilation from last season 2010:

They girls respond really well to coaching and perform exercises very well - but then tend to forget all that when they are just skiing and get distracted by everything around them and by their fears - though we did work on dealing with "fear" directly for a while and it worked when we were dealing with it. The idea is to keep focussed on the skiing and to forget everything else! Haluk - same for you - switch off all of your phones (and radio) for a while - that really helps - even 30 minutes per day!

The improvement in slalom and in exercises is clear as the video progresses - though some shots of the girls placed at the start actually took place later on as they improved. If there is one piece of feedback that everyone needs to share it is that the legs - knees and hips - need to be much more active. Most of the time everyone is stiff and "resisting" with all the muscles in the legs fighting each other. Little Derren is the only one to really move sometimes - more than Haluk! The trick is to exaggerate movements - jumping and bending a lot - and this then helps make things work better and then reduces tension - so everything improves.

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