Monday, February 28, 2011

Wilfred Day 1

Wilfred still has a lot to learn about skiing but has been taught so far successfully without the use of a snowplough.

Initial assessment:
  • No upper/lower body separation
  • Stuck in the vertical instead of the perpendicular
  • Trying to brake instead of accelerate (defensive)
  • Wide stance - good for racing and quick edge change
  • Good posture - weight well placed on the lower hip (neutral pelvis)
  • No effective use of poles
  • Looking ahead - good anticipation
  • Mouth shut and nasal breathing to stay warm
  • Good waterproof clothing and modern appearance
  • Should protect the eyes with sunglasses though and perhaps invest in a helmet
Wilfred off-piste.

Wilfred has a great attitude and potential, never complaining no matter how cold it gets or how often he falls over. His proactive approach to exploiting his skiing for personal development, overcoming any obstacle in his path, is a real inspiration.

1 comment:

  1. excellent. it is rare to see animals like that on the espace Killy even off-piste. Good that you were there to take photos!