Tuesday, October 25, 2011

1500 calorie fruit cake ban!

Lesley's shoulder turned out to be okay! I ate another complete fruit cake in a matter of minutes yesterday and so have decided due to each cake being 1500 calories I'm definitely giving them up. My Achilles tendon is still playing up so running and even walking are currently off the menu. Cycling is not a problem though and it has warmed up a bit again. It's normal at this time of year to have waves of cold weather start coming though. It's usually around the 12th of November that the temperature plunges in a more permanent way - though occasionally tee shirt weather can return and endure well into January. I'm seeing people all around me coming down with bugs and so far I've escaped. Normally October is time for the first wave of winter colds and a that usually means a big sudden drop in fitness.

Interesting to see myself in the photo below. After raising my saddle by 5cm I was persuaded that if anything I'd erred in the direction of cycling too much "toes down" - but in the photo my foot is almost horizontal mid stoke! Just shows how video/photo or coaching feedback is needed to overcome the limitations of proprioceptive feedback. This image is in the valley between Chambery and Albertville - looking to the North side.

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