Saturday, August 25, 2012

Speed Returns

Following a good workout a couple of days ago I went for a short one today. Despite not having worked on speed all year it turned out to be my fastest ever ride around my usual 30k circuit (one climb). This is interesting because I wasn’t even trying to go fast but was just feeling good. It’s the pure stamina built up from repeated long hard rides that has made the difference. Not ultra long rides – but 116k and about 7000ft climbing. I’m surprised how the speed just pops up automatically without having to be worked on. All summer there has been no good feeling about the cycling and this was a bit troubling because it becomes a chore and you wonder if you will end up abandoning it. Suddenly all that has changed. No idea why really. My body was feeling irredeemably old a short while ago (all spring and summer) but now it feels great. There is still a lot about endurance training that baffles me – but I guess that persistence is the one thing that gets you through.

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