Saturday, February 16, 2013

Ski Touring–heavy workout.

My ski touring today turned into more of a weight training workout due to the snow constantly sticking to the skis. Sometimes it built up so much that it felt like being on stilts!

The legs were tired from a short run yesterday but apart from the sticky snow I’m sure this is much tougher than cycling. I’m glad I could bail out after only a short climb. When on the bike time passes very quickly but that really doesn’t happen to me when ski touring! The descent was interesting. The tiredness alone guaranteed an interesting descent but with the skinny and short skis with touring boots and wet sticky fresh snow the first few turns were not too elegant. I stopped and composed myself but  interestingly the only thing that really helped was the application of the “chi hips”. That was a surprise! I tried narrow stance, wide stance, pressure, reducing pressure, dynamics, low seated stance, adductor muscles – everything – but the chi hips made the biggest  difference.

Les Arcs to the left and La Plagne in the middle.

Mont Pourri

Looking down over Sangot, Macot and Aime.

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