Sunday, May 5, 2013

Going Homer

Horrible snow on top of irregular ice on steeps – with a headache – not ideal! At least that’s Gareth’s excuse. I can’t blame him because I chose to sideslip instead and blame lower back pain (from cycling!). The goal had been to attempt to ski this section without jumping. If I’d been skiing it I would definitely have jumped. Gareth tried to use the “Dripping Glacier” technique but it all went a bit “Homer Simpson”.


The main technical problem is that the outside foot was pushed sideways instead of forwards and inwards. This happened in an effort to avoid moving the centre of mass – in other words – the feet were displaced instead of the body. That led to uncontrolled rotation and the outside foot being left behind. There was a bit of a jump too when it was intended to be only a retraction. This rotation problem looked much like we observed during pivoting exercises we did on the piste.

On the positive side the pivot was very rapid and the “body check” was well executed. 



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