Monday, January 19, 2015

Tignes–The Jump to “Nowhere”!


I really like the new jump they have built at Tignes. What you can’t see from this telephoto shot is that there is a cable along side it that the jumper is attached to  - so it’s actually a ski “bungy jump”! However at 65€ a pop I might give that one a miss.

I was up the mountain to help with the Royal Navy annual races and it was a very relaxed event as usual.










The latest storm passing over the Grand Motte once again failed to leave a great deal of snow. In reality there is good snow cover because it has filled in the gullies between the rocks. The pistes are in good condition and there is quality skiing possible. Unfortunately people only see that there isn’t deep snow everywhere and they switch off and don’t want to ski. It’s weird! Conditions couldn’t be better for working on technique – both on and off-piste.



Work was finished early so I returned home to get out for a bike ride before dark. The days are already getting longer so returning home by 5pm it’s still daylight now!

Yes – T-shirt in mid January – but it’s close to freezing. Climbing makes you hot and it’s good for the body to get as much sunlight and cool air as possible!

















Great cloud formation on the border with Italy at la Rosière!

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