Thursday, February 26, 2015

Billy Kelly 2015 Alpine Tour!

Billy’s first day skiing for 5 years marking his long awaited return to Val d’Isère. This of course called for a proper hammering of his legs off piste!

Several years ago when I first saw Billy skiing I was shocked at how terrible his skiing was. Much to his surprise and disappointment I informed him of this immediately – in a fairly brutal manner. Normally when someone has such a contrived and unusually personalised way of doing things they never really change – but if there is one thing even more remarkable than Billy’s original skiing it has been how he has completely and successfully reconfigured his skiing with only a few lessons. Into the bargain he has never had any off-piste lessons – he was simply taught the fundamentals of movement and in the context of carving. Even more – those true fundamentals are actually contrary to all conventional ski teaching and even professionals can find it next to impossible to correct themselves. Billy’s success tells me that he is very much in tune with his own body and how it works with nature. Despite his twisting and stemming of the left leg into the turn Billy was coping with great dynamics and timing in difficult sun crusted and layered snow. Billy is of course a pro golf teacher and after witnessing this today I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to develop their golf game!

Our 2015 season had a bad start with no snow for ages – but that is not an issue any longer!

Light reflected from crystals due to a temperature inversion – the sun just behind the crest…


Telephoto… (tiny pocket Sony WX350 camera! – used for the video too)

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