Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Mountain Biking - Under Les Tufs

Glaciers seen from La Grande Motte in Tignes.

Mountain rescue by winch from a mountain bike trail next to the Palafours ski lift at Tignes Le Lac. This is one bonus of "descent" mountain biking - if you are well insured you get a free helicopter ride.

Under Les Tufs ski lift. This is normally a black ski run and off piste in the winter - but only qualifies as a blue bike trail! This is the "kangaroo" trail. Great fun - but way too easy! Good perhaps for building speed and confidence but not technical and certainly not dangerous. True enough - the "red" trails are more technical and interesting - but the "blacks" are in places I wouldn't even ski off piste in winter and are a quantum leap in technical difficulty. Admittedly i don't have a "downhill" bike with enormous shocks and the right geometry - but there are spots where if you fell off nothing would stop you from tumbling down the mountain.

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