Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Paula-Esme 2

Today we didn’t really cover anything new. Reinforcement of all the concepts from yesterday was absolutely necessary. Initally Paula was dealing with a loss of confidence and later on Esme was to have a couple of crises to deal with. All of this is constructive though because it just means that more clarification and work is required.

Esme was aided by revising the “skating” turns (Crocodile dance) and Paula was helped by padding the inside leg up and down during the turn. The idea of standing strongly on the supporting leg (uphill leg to start with in a turn) was reinforced. Skiing (as with skating) is really a one legged activity.

The video shows traversing, sideslipping, garlands and linked basic parallel turns – all with an appropriate level of competence for day two with those techniques – and on appropriate terrain.



Both Paula and Esme were now able to see how that even when correct technical ideas are understood there are emotional challenges involved. Skill here has to be constructed and so it’s a progressive process with emotion and competence leapfrogging each other along the way. The key to it all is good clear and accurate information – not the dreaded “snowplough”!

Please revise yesterday’s blog and the appropriate fixed pages. The work on the pivot today was “extra” just to reinforce appropriate coordination and develop better edge (both foot and ski) awareness.


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