Saturday, November 4, 2017

Alex Autumn 5

Yesterday's training course was fast with wide turns - necessitating extreme edging angles. Unfortunately Alex's clothing wasn't providing adequate protection at this level and so he was being whacked all over by the poles in areas where there was no padding or shielding. Today Alex rejected wearing articulated leg guards (fear of not looking like everyone else!) to protect above the knees so there was no option other than to set a slower course with shorter (closer) turns and less width so as to reduce the risk and force of any pole impacts. This would mean that edging angles would certainly be less extreme but would provide the opportunity to develop some body management issues and consolidate all the technique worked upon during the week. 

The slope is very icy and on the second part it is steep so Alex is doing very well staying out of trouble let alone improving rapidly. The slow motion video shows some arm management issues (defending against the poles) and the body reacting to this - with consequent impact on technique. The full speed clips are later on - showing how those aspects were improved. 

Full password protected technical report here:

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