Sunday, January 7, 2018

Victor–Timothy 1

Is this the start of a new Ice Age glaciation period? It’s beginning to look that way! Ironically, there are tons of snow but off piste remains remarkably unskiiable.

Victor working on several points…

  • Using the fronts of the skis
  • “Skating” hips – to stimulate protective reflexes and create angulation – providing security when on ski fronts
  • Coming over the lower ski – specifically over the front

Timothy working of “pulling in” the fronts of the ski – into the new turn.

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Timothy’s main area to work on was to eliminate his tendency to push his ski tails out. Victor’s was to reduce his rotation and increase angulation. We started out working on pivoting to get Timothy “pulling in” with the ski tips – first the outside ski, then the inside ski and then both skis together. The pivot was also used to encourage Victor to pressure the fronts of the skis more – as this dramatically increases the strength of the pivot.

Timothy was doing a good job of “pulling in but that was enough for him to focus on technically – the rest of his job today was to stay in my tracks with fast and variable tight turns and he also did a good job there.

We worked on posture through “skating” hip movements of the pelvis connecting the upper and lower body. I’ve called this Chi Hips in many blog entries. The important part is understanding how it activates the postural muscles. This has to be a consciously activated motion (switching the hips) and is the first thing to move (also being the centre of mass). Victor could eventually feel how the skating stance along with pressure on the ski fronts combined to allow angulation and control of rotation – then motion of the body over the fronts of the skis when exiting the turn – even leading to a natural rebound/jump.

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