Thursday, March 17, 2011


Short 21 minute run again with the focus on technique and nothing else. The long term aim is to develop the ability to run "barefoot" technique over long distance.

  • The main objective was to run purely with forefoot landing and no heel strike
  • Next on the list was nasal breathing all the way
  • Working on using the psoas muscles to lift the leg up and forward while using gravity for propulsion with a forward inclination of the centre of mass
  • Lifting the heel high so that the lower leg is easy to swing forward and to drop the foot into place
The observation doesn't escape me that this running technique (essentially POSE technique) is very similar to the key issue in performance cycling - that is the focus has to shift to lifting up the knees by using the psoas muscles. The efficiency gain in cycling is incredible with this but I suspect that with training it will be even greater in running because gravity can play a more effective role in the propulsion.

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