Monday, January 6, 2014

Rowdy 1

It’s becoming apparent to me that Rowdy’s skiing progress is being blocked by posture and hip issues. Recent progress in teaching the “chi-skiing” probably makes it possible to find a final solution to the problems. Rowdy has always responded well to exercises but then always returned to a distinctive habitual format when skiing without doing exercises. This situation to me implies that there is ability but confusion somewhere about either technique or the body itself. In this case it appears to be about the body.




We did some static exercises for clarifying posture and the chi – hips, with rotation in the spine and activation of postural reflexes. Rowdy was only slightly able to feel and apply this when skiing. It appeared that one problem is that his inside leg is not relaxing and this exacerbates the tension and blocking in the hips. I related this to chi-cycling and the relaxation of the inside leg being like the recovery of the foot and pedal on the upstroke of the pedalling cycle. The rotation of the spine requires this relaxation for the hip to come forwards on the unloaded side.

Skating on the flat seems to present an opportunity for sensing the large size of the movement needed to pull the hip back and get ready for an extension using the glutes instead of just the quads. This action relates both skating and skiing to the more natural chi-walking or running where the leg would actually move backwards extending the stride behind  - instead of the leg moving either forwards or to the side where the compensation must be made purely with a large motion of the upper body.

Val d’Isère Illuminati

After skiing we visited Val d’Isère town centre  - the Illuminati capital of the French Alps - where the mayor has sponsored his latest and greatest feat of world religion symbolism: This time it’s an owl head back to back with an eagle head.. as you would expect of course in the mountains at New Year! (When did you last see an owl in winter in the Alps?)


The owl overlooking the slopes represents “Minerva” the goddess of wisdom  - depicting our Val d’isère Illuminati master’s wisdom. The owl also represents the “mind control” handler. The eagle doubles up as the phoenix – the symbol of regeneration - as depicted in the normal Val emblem worn by the ESF in their red World Revolutionary uniforms and is looking straight at the tourist office.

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