Friday, January 10, 2014

Tignes FIS Women's Downhill

Today (Thursday) Tignes held an FIS international downhill for women aged 16 and over. My job was to assist with the maintenance of the course and keeping it as safe as possible.  

Working with the Tignes Club des Sports and Tignes Development (station) is a real pleasure. The people are just genuinely nice. I have to state this fact because when I worked for Val d'Isère instead it was the complete opposite.

The job itself entailed skiing the full length of the course in a high speed snowplough! Not only do I avoid teaching the snowplough as much as possible but I seldom now ever use one for any reason. I'm not sure if a day doing racing snowploughs did my hip flexibility any good or not. 

Meanwhile the Tignes staff and team coaches from France, Romania, Andorra, Spain, Poland and probably a few other countries, did a very professional job.

Chris Harrop's (British American Ski School) daughter Emily was competing in her first ever Downhill race and she completed both runs in respectable times around 1':21" the winner was around 1':18" 


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