Friday, December 18, 2015

Brian Day 5

Today’s first goal was to link turns properly in one-ski skiing by using the pivoting skills. This was followed by a timed slalom run where correct timing was applied and a fast time of 25.66 seconds was achieved. Video from 2013 when I introduced Brian to slalom is link here – and after learning “dynamics” his fastest time next day was 30.98 seconds: link here

We spent very little time on the bumps today and only added some practice of using the “heel/shin” approach to pressuring the fronts of the skis when carving. Modern short slalom skis like those being used by Brian are usually used by pressuring the centre – but it is good to become aware of how the fronts of the skis can pull you strongly into a turn and make you secure on steep, icy terrain.

Mont Blanc in the distance...

Brian successfully used leg retraction to get out of his turns earlier and improve his timing….

Ladies World Cup Combined event today in Val d’Isère.

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