Monday, December 21, 2015

Luke & Leonie Day 1

Rather than launch straight into ski technique today I decided to let it happen naturally  - to let everybody get used to being back on skis, find the best snow and empty slopes and let everyone wind down and relax a little. That was made a little bit harder with an unexpected amount of cloud, reduced visibility and fine grained snow falling. Eventually questions about technique started coming all by themselves. There’s a wide range of individual differences within the group so I didn’t want to risk becoming bogged down on any particular technical issue which might not apply to everyone. Just giving a few ideas and individual tips was enough to get the ball rolling and changes to start appearing. Luke has a strong tendency to stiffen his supporting leg – but rather than labour the point we just went for a high speed blast and I’m sure that did him a lot more good! 

In the video everyone was trying to use the pressure at the end of the turn to move the body out and over the downhill ski in a flowing and dynamic manner. We had prepared for this a little in advance by working on dropping into the turn and trying to improve hip angulation and reduce rotation. Florence used the forces more naturally and effectively than anybody else. I remember from years ago that she was the most natural skier of the family – but also apparently the most easily discouraged.

Florence doesn’t realise her capacity and tends to come down hard on herself with anything that falls short of perfection.

Tibo discovered that the uphill ski will bring him around without the need to throw it around – but still doesn’t quite believe it.

Luke can bend his legs when he focuses on absolutely nothing else. (Pressure on the shins and heels) Nobody in the family connects better with dynamics and flow – but in a highly inefficient and tiring manner (which the goal is to change).

Leonie is the opposite from Luke – hesitant when it comes to dynamics but organised and aware.

Ella is consistent. Just a bit too much rotation but there is a good base to build on.

The photo today is indoors due to poor visibility outside. It is one of Luke’s favourite snacks. There was a token piece of meat along with the bone. There were a couple of eager Spaniels hovering around the table and it’s not hard to understand why. I think the garlic clove on the plate is to ensure the protein is balanced properly with vegetables.

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