Saturday, March 26, 2016

Brian - Alex 6

Sunshine and heat again today with a thin covering of fresh snow – just enough to make off piste interesting. Learning and exercises are great but we need to ski to practise, assimilate, adapt and improve – so today was about skiing and using up whatever energy was remaining in Alex’s legs. Seems like the legs were not too bad but the head was suffering thanks to heavy wine consumption the day before.

The only comment I made to both Alex and Brian today was to perhaps advance the inside leg/hip a bit more to “separate” the upper body from the lower body more and reduce upper body rotation. In the bumps the idea is to allow the upper body to fall over the bump and so pull the skis into a pivot. Other than that it was all about working from the centre and correcting posture. Yesterday had been a breakthrough technical day – but today was about consolidation. When you are probably not going to ski again for several months – it’s important to get mileage and experience.

Escaping from the pistes…

Good rotation control  - pressure on front of skis – posture not optimal though (as usual on left leg) and looking down too much.

…rotation issues!

… last day and carving nicely!

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