Sunday, March 27, 2016

Robert 1

Off Piste

Robert’s Off Piste group consists of 6 strong skiers (Robert, Ellie, Richard, Ben, Fabien, Edmund) – though also several sets of not so strong rental bindings – so the warm up run started the action with multiple pre-release incidents. We skied in the Grand Vallon twice (second time to the bottom) – stopping for refreshments at the Edelweiss  - then headed over to Col Pers. Once over the pass the snow was good and fortunately the visibility held up for us as bad weather had been due by lunchtime. 

I was focused on guiding and didn’t pay attention to anyone’s ski technique – though I’ll be studying the video clip carefully – presented here in normal speed and slow motion. Just a quick glance shows me that there are timing issues that could be improved all round. All the skiers have strong dynamics. Working on pivoting skills too would help everyone be a little more economical and efficient.

Col Pers

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