Monday, January 23, 2017

Derin 1

Derin started out very cautiously but within a couple of hours was skiing strongly. She didn’t want to stop for anything so we managed the full 4 hours without a break.

I tried to work a little on “pivoting” at slow speed but found that communication didn’t seem to be strong and so decided to just ski Derin and bring her on by keeping her in close behind me and calling out instructions along the way. She did remember the Magic Wall and when skiing behind me at a proper pace she was completely parallel. When going slowly or asked to ski in front she is much less confident and clear on what to do and so tends to stem her skis a bit and get onto the backs of the boots defensively. Hopefully we can work directly on this through technical exercises in the next few days. Today however was very useful by getting a lot of mileage in and filming Derin skiing very well behind me.





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