Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Derin 2

Today Derin started to seriously work on technique.  In the video are some of her first proper attempts at pivoting. She was taught to do this naturally when I originally skied with her holding onto a pole but she was not aware of the physical mechanism. There is a fixed page above in the blog on pivoting here - http://skiinstruction.blogspot.fr/p/pivot.html


We also worked on improving the “Magic Wall” (Dynamics) and I explained that we use the ski pole for support when pivoting and we use the invisible Magic Wall instead of the pole when it appears when we are moving faster forwards.

Derin also worked on her stance – starting with having the boots off indoors and using the feet – both rolled onto their inside edges and both sets of adductor muscles contracted (the muscles on the insides of the upper legs). Oddly enough this stance works best in all situations – pivoting, carving and everything inbetween.

When skiing down from the Grande Motte at the end of the day Derin skied close behind me as I made tight fast turns on a narrow track. Her only complaint was that her feet hurt by the end and she was exhausted – but she did realy well and impressed me.



Cable car – Grande Motte for the first time…


Today and in 2014…















Mont Blanc in the background…

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