Sunday, December 31, 2017

Alex winter race prep-day 5

Not a lot to say today. Alex’s training was a continuation of yesterday’s work due to being unable to set up a slalom course early on – not common these days to have excess snow problems! We focused on skiing on one ski to cultivate the movement pattern for completing a turn with the body coming over the “outside ski” – each second turn leaving no choice in the matter!!! Meanwhile we also worked on developing a clearer awareness of the “pivot” because Alex was automatically trying to force his tails out by rotating and twisting his foot – instead of directing his centre of mass – and when he at last “got it” he described the ski turning mechanism as “magic” – which tells me he got it right! Later on we were the only ones to actually set up a 15 gate slalom course and Alex applied some of his new found magic there.

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