Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Alex winter race prep–day 1

The Bonnevie Stade in Val d’Isère is steep – which makes it tough for launching into a slalom course after being off skis for almost two months. Alex was rusty and reverting back to his defensive options – however he was able to identify by himself the key technical issues involved much more quickly and accurately than on previous occasions.

We didn’t video in slalom at this stage as Alex was correcting and making big changes on each run. I’d noticed early on that Alex was struggling to catch his breath after a run – which is not like him. Eventually – without too many runs in the course he was showing signs of exhaustion – due to being in recovery from a bad cold. We took it easy and stopped the slalom – working on some free skiing instead. The analysis from the free skiing and the slalom are contained in the encrypted file below.

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