Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bourg to Cormet de Roselend 1391m Climb

GPSies - Bourg St Maurice - Cormet de Roselend

Bourg to Cormet de Roselend 1391m Climb

First high altitude (2000m altitude) hill climb of the year. The Cormet de Roselend is the only high mountain pass open so far due to the large quantities of snow still around. Didn’t expect the body to have recovered enough to be able to climb well, but was surprised as I was able to complete a full high intensity workout and felt good. This is the first time I’ve had good sensations since starting to recover fitness in mid March. Until this point it has been just a slog. There was no discomfort from the previous day’s run either. The legs felt tired prior to the workout and at the start, but they were fine once warmed up. Energy levels were good.

The road was practically empty and it was mild enough to cycle to the top without a jacket. The roads here are much better than in the Ardeche area where the last two races have been. There is no gravel and the surfaces are generally smooth – which makes for more enjoyable and safer cycling.

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