Thursday, May 6, 2010

Recovery Week

Recovery week this week. Body was getting tired with the new general level of training. Notably a gland in my throat was swollen, legs were tired and right foot (plantar fascia) felt a bit too tender. All those signs together send out the message “Time to rest and recover!” – which is where of course the real benefit of training is gained. Add to all of this constant waves of bad weather sweeping in from the Atlantic – with the greatest snow precipitation at altitude for the entire season (still open at Tignes – but miserable) plus time needed to clean up my VW Transporter after a tough winter – then training has taken a back seat for a spell.

Still getting signs of virus (throat) which all started mid February. I guess that’s the nature of flu – it can linger in your system for a long time. I had a very bad attack of flu several years ago and it completely wiped me out physically for 6 months. I appeared to overcome the trouble by forcing myself to exercise in spite of the deep feeling of fatigue. That incident taught me not to abandon training in the face of viral attacks – but to keep some training going. From what I read it’s also important not to over do it with a virus as that can lead to permanent damage. It seems that very little is really known about such things.

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