Monday, May 17, 2010

Tired Legs Run

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10k run today, but legs were tired from the high intensity bike climb yesterday – so there was no way to pick up any speed – slow 56’16”. Look forward to when a “slow” run is still well under 50 minutes. Still felt enjoyable though. Had to wear winter clothing layers because it has returned to almost winter temperatures – which means a lot of layers to wash afterwards.

Worked on reaching behind with the stride – lengthening the stride behind instead of reaching ahead. Noticed that this really stretches the upper quads near the pelvis and is a good antidote for the bent over leg contractions in cycling (where I had a few mild cramps yesterday). The changes in running style more towards the “pose” technique really make this difference in muscle use clear.

It’s obvious however on a day like this that a high intensity workout on the bike – well into lactic threshold territory – makes tired legs in general so they are not great for running. Still, I expect that cross training in this way is still allowing muscle repair, recovery and development more specific to cycling. I must get a faster run in sometime this week though.

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