Saturday, March 31, 2018

Alex, Ben, Sam – Slalom


Feet sometimes getting too close to the gates – poles grabbing the shin guards (when rebounding) – all tripping you up. Perhaps the only immediate answer to this is to apex slightly further away from the pole and incline more. When you need to reach for a pole don’t forget to angulate – work on pulling back the hip – this helps to compensate and sorts out most problems with keeping pressure on the fronts.


Watch for that counter rotation creeping in (especially free skiing) and drill yourself to stay focused on your body and movements. Pulling back the hip works well for you too but it still needs more pressure on the fronts of the skis.


Now you understand “pulling in” the difference in your skiing is huge. Pull back the hip, pull in with the adductor muscles (inside of the upper leg) and drive the centre of mass inwards – all of this helping the ski direct you inwards away from a straight line. “Pushing” on the outside ski is what was causing your leg to be unstable – just pull inwards. (remember this is not the same as pushing your knees into a turn)

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