Friday, March 30, 2018

Alex–Ben Slalom


Alex today was just getting back into skiing after a month in London and Ben was applying his reconfigured skiing to slalom in anger for the first time.

Alex did well in tricky conditions on the steep and should be very satisfied with his most successful return to slalom ever – by a huge margin!

Alex retained even his apex to apex motion across the hill – which is seen clearly in the first video clip. Still needing to use the fronts of the skis a bit more but it looks like that isn’t so much a technical issue but an age issue. Ben’s longer legs allow him to angulate and pressure the ski fronts more easily because he doesn’t have to reach for the poles. Alex loses angulation when he reaches but if he does go close enough he tends to be tripped up by collecting the poles at his ankles.


Ben is on video here working his pelvis correctly for improved hip angulation to help stay on the fronts of his skis and avoid getting kicked into the back seat – good run here – but the slowest skis on this particular planet due to waxing !!!

Remember – pulling the outside hip backwards actually pulls the opposite knee inwards. Pulling the outside shoulder backwards does the opposite.

Guess who…


The rest of the report is password protected:

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