Friday, March 23, 2018

Luke and Leonie day 4

Parallel slalom in the morning then off piste and bumps in the afternoon – all the main physical constraints that drive adaptation and improvement!!!


Luke improved by 1.7 seconds (30.28) and Leonie by 1.1 seconds (35.59) over yesterday. Although Luke was using proper parallel slalom skis – 18m turn radius and with raised racing plates – all especially designed for Ted Ligety – that wasn’t really his reason for improvement. Those skis will only really be a great help once he is able to carve his line. It was however an opportunity to feel the difference between ski types.

Today’s main goal was to increase dynamic range and both succeeded in that. The fastest times were posted when visualisation of a 3D banked track was used – while trying to place the apex of the turns at the side of the poles instead of directly below. Pivoted turns are braking turns and require the skis to come through the turn beneath the skier and then pole support for the CoM – effectively placing the apex of the turn in the fall line. Racing requires accelerations and minimum braking so the apex goes to the side of the pole/gate and there is enough turning from the ski to propel the skier across the hill without holding on to the turn so long.

Luke was working on taking a tighter line and trying to focus on correcting his pelvic tilt to deal with his right leg – quite a challenge to hold it all together.

Off Piste

Leonie managed to continue her work in extending her dynamic range when off piste and did a good job of dealing with heavy snow, crud and crust. Getting to the inside of the new turn is critical – especially if you are aiming to use the fronts of the skis. Only angulation will make pressure on the fronts of the skis possible when doing this off piste.

Luke meantime was battling with his right hip and pelvis relationship. My apologies for missing the spectacular cartwheel. Luke reluctantly agreed to a drinks break after the second hot off-piste descent and despite his declaration of not being hot he was literally steaming – and the proof is in the video…


Another black bumps run to finish the day – and finish everyone off. The “S” however is never groomed. Luke declared that it’s the first time he’s ever enjoyed bumps. Leonie was not far behind but felt a bit frustrated. The bumps were not pretty – being undercut by skiers traversing in the gully – but the pivoting drills and angulation/dynamics work was really starting to pay off here. The only thing added was to push the ski down into the hollow with the toes after the start of each pivot – and to get rapidly into the angulated posture to sideslip the lower face of each bump.

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